Aloe Farm in Aruba

Aruba Means Aloe

Aruba is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful blue waters, sandy beaches, and Caribbean lifestyle. However, it’s not just a place for tourism. For many years, Aruba’s major source of income was the

Cincinnati Birthday Trip

Cincinnati Roman and Kraig did Cincinnati and Kentucky for Roman’s 13th birthday trip. They broke the trip into 3 parts and also worked in stopping at a business trade show in Indianapolis for screenprinting.  

Philadelphia Birthday Trip

Philadelphia For Francisco’s “13th bday trip” (at almost 20), Kraig took him to Philadelphia. I’ll detail their itinerary below, but here are a few of the details below for planning purposes. We booked City Passes,

Eastern Shore Birthday Trip

The Eastern Shore Kelsey and I had done all the planning (I’ll do a post on it too, although it hasn’t be tested yet) for a trip to Florida to swim with the manatees. Then

Northern Amusement Park Extravaganza Birthday Trip

A Trip North My oldest daughter is an adrenaline junkie like me, so her trip was an amusement park extravaganza, though we did work in some other cool stops too. We early in the morning

Birthday Renaissance Weekend

Renaissance Weekend For Angela’s trip, we did all things Renaissance (and some other things). We left on a Friday afternoon and headed for Atlanta. Our first stop was the Medieval Times dinner show in Lawrenceville, GA. I

Why Do We Love to Travel

Why do we love to travel? • Who we are Let me take a moment to introduce ourselves. My wife (Susan) and I (Rick) have been married for almost 55 years, raised a wonderful family…two

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges Belgium My Friend and I visited Bruges on our last day of our trip to Netherlands and Belgium. Bruges, Belgium offers a delightful experience with its rich history, picturesque canals, stunning architecture, and charming

Amtrak Makes A Journey Into Part of the Vacation

Have you ever been driving down a never-ending highway and thought, “It would be great if I were a kid again and could watch the scenery go by.”? Well, there are still no self-driving cars

Mobile Passport and Global Entry

Traveling abroad can be a fun and exciting experience, but dealing with customs and immigration can be a headache, especially if you’re dealing with long lines and delays. Luckily, a few programs are designed to

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most breathtaking destinations for nature lovers.  We’ve been blessed to visit this area twice. We were there in May of 2019 and again in May of 2023.  This picturesque lake

A Romantic Smoky Mountain Getaway

After 20 years of marriage, My husband and I felt we really had something to celebrate. I had begun to plan a trip to Asheville, NC. However, family circumstances meant putting our anniversary on the

Enjoy All San Diego Has To Offer

by Jackie Simpson Sun and fun are plentiful in gorgeous San Diego, California! Whether you’re jet-setting for a quick arrival or taking a leisurely cross-country road trip so you can check out some sites along
Ft. Walton Beach

Girls Trip to the Emerald Coast of Florida

I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend a week at Fort Walton Beach with some lifelong friends.  The four of us had not been together in 31 years.  Flights were purchased, bags were
Our Happy Place


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