Dog Sledding Demonstrations at the Denali National Park Kennel

If you’re planning a trip to Denali National Park, you’re in for a treat – and we don’t just mean the stunning landscapes! One of the park’s hidden gems is the Denali National Park Kennel, home to the incredible canine athletes who run the park’s sled dog teams. And guess what? You can get up close and personal with these amazing dogs at the free dog sledding demonstrations held throughout the summer.

Imagine a place where furry, four-legged heroes help preserve the wilderness – that’s the Denali National Park Kennel. These Alaskan huskies aren’t just adorable; they’re also hardworking park team members. They help with winter patrols, ensuring that Denali remains pristine and protected even in the harshest conditions.

The free dog sledding demonstrations are a fantastic way to learn about these dogs’ vital role in keeping Denali safe and accessible.

There is an area for the demonstration where the friendly park rangers introduce you to the sled dogs, giving you a chance to learn about their training, history, and the unique bond between them and their handlers.  There is limited seating in this area and is normally reserved for handicap and older guests.  There is standing room behind the few rows of seating.

One of the best parts in my opinion was watching the live demonstration.  I was in awe as the sled dogs showcased their skills and strength in during the demonstration. You’ll see them pull a sled at remarkable speeds, working together as a synchronized team – it was truly a sight to behold!

We attended the last session of the day and were told to arrive early as we would have an opportunity to meet the dogs, take photos, and even pet these amazing animals. The rangers are always happy to answer questions and share insider stories about life at the kennel.  For the first two demonstrations, I am told these events take place after the demonstration.  Also, please note we are told sometimes this is canceled but they do try to allow for these up close and personal experiences.

Mike and I enjoyed learning more about the historical significance of sled dogs in Alaska and how they’re essential for winter travel and park maintenance. It’s a fun and educational experience wrapped into one!  The number one thing I learned – of the 63 national parks in the USA- Denali National Park is the only one with a dog kennel!

Demonstrations typically run daily during the summer months. Be sure to check the park’s schedule on their official website for exact times and any updates.  Free shuttle buses operate from the Denali Visitor Center to the kennel. It’s a convenient and eco-friendly way to get there without worrying about parking. Even in summer, Alaskan weather can be unpredictable. Dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be spending some time outdoors.  The path to the kennel and area around it is gravel- so make sure you wear appropriate shoes.

So, if you’re ready for some tail-wagging excitement, make sure to include this incredible experience in your Denali itinerary. This is an experience for all ages and we feel a MUST when visiting Denali.

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