Costa Rica: Why it should be on your destination list?

Currently, many of us are worried about the challenges of traveling outside the United States. The
news is full of stories about ongoing international tensions, newly imposed travel restrictions, and
social unrest worldwide. Meanwhile, the airline industry is facing declining service, well-publicized
issues with aircraft reliability, and constantly rising fares. It appears that there are few destinations
left where we can avoid these concerns. However, there is a small country located in the middle of
Central America that can largely avoid most of these problems. That beautiful and welcoming place
is Costa Rica.
If you have only traveled within the continental United States, the Caribbean, and possibly Hawaii or
Alaska, you are in for an amazing experience when you choose Costa Rica as your next vacation
destination. My wife and I adore this entire country and all the beautiful encounters it offers. It’s such
an attractive and unique place that we actually considered moving here permanently when
retirement time came. A large population of ex-pats (Americans) are living here now and more are
joining them every day.
One of the best things about Costa Rica is its laid-back atmosphere. The locals are friendly and
welcoming; you won’t feel pressured to dress up or be overly formal. Whether you’re lounging on the
beach or exploring the jungle, you can do it all in comfortable clothes and sandals.
If you’re a beach lover, you’ll be in paradise in Costa Rica. The country has miles and miles of
coastline, with golden sand beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. Some of
the most popular beach destinations include Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, and Playa Conchal.
Costa Rica also has plenty to offer for those who prefer a more adventurous vacation. The country’s
rainforests are home to an incredible array of wildlife, including monkeys, sloths, and exotic birds.
You can take a guided tour through the jungle, hike to hidden waterfalls, or even zip-line through the
treetops. The country even offers a chance to witness an active volcano and relax in outdoor pools
heated by natural hot water.
Another highlight of Costa Rica is its food. The country’s cuisine is a delicious blend of fresh
seafood, tropical fruits, and traditional dishes like gallo pinto (rice and beans). Be sure to try some
local specialties, like ceviche (raw fish marinated in lime juice) and casado (a dish of rice, beans,
meat, and vegetables). The country is also known for producing some of the best coffee in the
Of course, no trip to Costa Rica would be complete without experiencing the country’s famous eco-
tourism activities. Costa Rica is a leader in sustainable tourism, and there are multiple opportunities
to get up close and personal with the country’s incredible natural beauty. Whether you’re taking a
guided nature walk, visiting a butterfly farm, or soaking in a hot spring, you’ll be awed by the
stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems.
One thing to remember when planning your trip to Costa Rica is the country’s rainy season. The
country experiences heavy rainfall from May to November, making some activities more difficult.
However, if you are willing to brave the rain, you’ll be rewarded with lush green landscapes and
fewer crowds.
Overall, Costa Rica is a fantastic vacation objective that’s perfect for anyone looking for a casual,
informal atmosphere. With its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, delicious food, and eco-friendly
activities, it’s no wonder that so many people fall in love with this incredible country. So, what are
you waiting for? In as little as a 4-hour flight, you can experience this unique and refreshing
destination. Give us a call today, and we can have your Costa Rica vacation planned and scheduled
in no time.
Rick McCormick and his wife Susan love to travel and have enjoyed journeys that have taken them
to just about every corner of this big, beautiful world.  They are passionate about helping others
discover their own ideal travel destinations and to appreciate the diversity of people and places they
encounter. Rick has been providing travel planning services since 2015 and is an ASTA Verified
Travel Advisor (VTA).  You can contact him by email or by phone at 423-665-6005.