Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is a must-visit if you love the mountains and water. Located in northern
Italy’s Lombardy region and the majestic Bergamo Alps surround the lake. It has an area of
146 square kilometers (56 sq mi), making it the third-largest lake in Italy, after Lake Garda and Lake

When traveling to the Lake Como area, the best airport to fly into is Milan. It is then an hour
and a half drive by car or 40 Minutes by train using Trenitalia line. While in Lake Como, it’s
easy to travel around the lake by ferry. Here’s a link to the ferry schedule.  Also, Water Taxis are available.

Lake Como is dotted with charming villages where there is plenty of opportunities to shop,
take walks and visit beautiful villages. The most popular destinations are Bellagio, Varenna,
and Como but Menaggio was a favorite of ours personally.

Below are some of the things we did while in Lake Como.
Relaxed at a beach for part of the day was refreshing after walking and touring through
the villages. We visited in September, so water was a bit chilly but still fun to

Visited a Historic Villa and gardens like Gardens of Villa Melzi, Bellagio and Villa
Monastera, Varenna. A paradise for those who love gardens in bloom and magnificent
historic residences.
Walked around the towns and villages taking in the culture and scenery.

Ate amazing food with beautiful views.

A couple more of my favorite pics.

For Accommodations we rented an apartment but there are many
resort and hotel options as well.

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