Amtrak Makes A Journey Into Part of the Vacation

Have you ever been driving down a never-ending highway and thought, “It would be great if I were a kid again and could watch the scenery go by.”? Well, there are still no self-driving cars out there, but there is another way to become strictly a passenger once again.

It’s just the train and beautiful landscapes!



Enter Amtrak! This one of a kind experience allows passengers to relax in comfy chairs and enjoy the amazing views of the American west. Imagine gazing out your window after reading a few pages of your travel guide to find snow capped mountains and distant stormy skies that take your breath away.

It is not only amazing views you can enjoy. Each Amtrak train provides dining services with a wide range of seasonal offerings. This is not your airplane meal: This could be anything from freshly made grilled cheese to a 3-course dinner with white linens and real silverware on the table.

Meals are made fresh and to order.

The photos here were taken on route from Saint Louis to Colorado. The American west is creates stunning scenery for each passenger. This is because there are no middle seats and large windows  even in coach seating. Of course, if you want something roomier they offer private rooms, first class seating, and business class seating as well.


There is no need to worry over driving in rainy weather, or worse. You can sit back and relax knowing you are just along for the ride. Trains also eliminate traffic jams and pit stops. There is no need for them with bathrooms and food right on board.

The west isn’t the only place you can enjoy on Amtrak. There are routes all over the country and Canada. It’s easy to get to the many hubs that are in major cities all around the country. From there you can travel nearly coast to coast.

Stormy weather is just another view to admire when a train is doing the driving.


The best part of the train is the experience. What a treat to have such views unobstructed by billboards, highway overpasses, and trucks upon trucks. How else could you really enjoy the scenery? There are also points of interest along many of the routes that you can view without driving out of the way. The picture below is of the first dam ever built in Colorado! Plus, what kiddo doesn’t want to ride on a train? I know a few who would rather not spend hours in a car but wouldn’t mind a train ride so much.


Why not make the journey part of the vacation? I can help you coordinate flights, routes, tickets, and times.

Dixie Sandlin is a mom of four ready to make a great family vacation you. She has travelled widely in the United States and to Central America and Europe. She loves other cultures and as a life-long learner she loves incorporating new experiences, history, and making literature connections in her trips. She can be reached at 423-641-0020 or by emailing