Cruising the British Isles

I recently had the pleasure of embarking on the Princess Cruise around the British Isles to celebrate my granddaughter’s high school graduation. Our expectations were high, and we were not disappointed.


Regal Princess Ship

The itinerary was nothing short of impeccable. We got a splendid mix of metropolitan cities such as London and Dublin, combined with the breathtaking natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands and iconic landmarks such as Stonehenge. We were given ample time in each location to delve into its unique allure.

  The ship itself was a delight – grandeur written all over it. Our cabin was well-appointed, spacious, with a stunning sea view that mesmerized us every morning and night. Not to mention the remarkably comfortable bedding. This was a comfortable home away from home.

The dining experience was primarily positive, ranging from casual poolside snacks to elegant formal dining. The variety of food was impressive, and the quality was high, with a delightful surprise of local cuisine inclusions from the countries we were visiting.

The service was consistently top-notch.  The staff were friendly and helpful. While the ship offered various excursions, I felt like some were overpriced compared to similar options offered independently on land.

In conclusion, the Princess British Isles Cruise is a fantastic option if you wish to explore the charming and storied lands of the British Isles in comfort and style. The overwhelming beauty of the destinations themselves and the luxury the cruise line offers make the expense entirely worth it. This trip will remain engraved in my granddaughter’s memory for life.

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